The art of anti-poaching: How military veterans are switching fire to the front line of conservation.

Having recently left the Army to pursue their passions, artist Freddy Paske and photographer Dave Mackay wanted to address a very different theatre of war. 

Named The Bigger Picture, the project will culminate in a London exhibition of art, photography and film to create an immersive visual experience into the life of an anti-poacher. The whole operation is managed by professional fundraiser Liz Parker who brought on board Janus Global Operations as the key sponsor.

Earlier this year the team were joined by filmmaker Dieter Deswarte and spent a month working alongside Game Rangers International in Kafue National Park. They embedded with the park’s Special Anti-Poaching Unit and through joining various patrols and operations were able to glean an in-depth understanding of the situation

This job is critically important for the survival of African wildlife as we know it today.  Unfortunately, hundreds of rangers die every year due to the increase in poaching activity throughout the African continent.


The project is supported by the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation. If you would like to support the vital work carried out to train, equip and protect the rangers please visit our webpage or social media sites shown below.


For further information about the art exhibition or how to support this worthwhile project, please contact

 Liz Parker via